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What is She Wearing? The Lady with the Amethyst

 The Lady with the Amethyst - Portrait by Charles Shannon 1915The Lady with the Amethyst (1915) - Portrait by Charles Shannon

Continuing with the series, "What Is She Wearing?", I have selected the captivating portrait by Charles Shannon titled, "The Lady with the Amethyst". This remarkable artwork not only showcases the talent of the artist but also tells the story of the mysterious and alluring Miss Hilda Moore, the sitter for this masterpiece. One of the most striking aspects of this portrait is the prominent amethyst pendant worn by Miss Hilda Moore. The purple gemstone, amethyst, has long been associated with qualities such as wisdom, spirituality, protection, love, and romance. In this painting, it serves as a symbol of the sitter's enigmatic nature, hinting at a deeper story that lies beneath the surface. The amethyst pendant becomes a focal point, drawing the viewer's attention and inviting them to explore the hidden depths of Hilda Moore's character. With some speculation, it appears Hilda Moore brought her stunning pendant necklace to show the portraitist Shannon. Some of us might assume, the organza bag is what she carried the exquisite necklace in, and is on her lap in the portrait. Or . . . could it be her amethyst necklace is particularly long, and she is holding it out from under her coat? Wow (if that's the case)! Whatever the scenario, decisions were made for the pose, and Charles Shannon captured that very moment when the sitter was still in her warm fur-collared coat holding her opulent amethyst.
Although not much is known about Hilda Moore or her connection to Charles Shannon, "The Lady with the Amethyst" remains a significant piece in the artist's body of work. The painting continues to inspire artists and art enthusiasts, inviting them to delve into its mysteries and speculate about the story behind the enigmatic sitter. What is the story behind this beautiful woman and her stunning necklace that you see? I would love to know!
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