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A Closer Feeling

My Neighborhood
I live in a place where deer quietly roam through yards front and back
Where turkeys leisurely, ho-humbly cross the lane
A feathered family waddles too long as we idle and wait
When no one is around
Morning nibbling on first plantings as watchful eye catches a glimpse
Behind closed door or window drape
We scurry to save
Too late for that early bloom
Oh well,
Satisfied creature strolls on to the next
When no one is around
Same Neighborhood
It is March, 2020
Neighbors out walking morning till evening light
The quiet hood is bustling with one, two, and three dogs on leash
So many meeting never before
Neighbors walking, maneuvering with an occasional wave
Hello, good morning, stay well we say
Reminding some of slower times past
As all are one, we wait, we hope, we dream
Thankful we Are around
                              ~Jan Maitland~
Lava Glow

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