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Garden Emojis

Garden Emojis
Garden emojis please take a bow
Expressive faces, comedy, tragedy
You are on stage with emotion and pride
Potted loge or orchestral beds
You command attention with whiskered giggles and bearded prank
Is that you who symbolize thoughts of lovers in spring?
You sway with breezes and stare into the night
Moments of joy in gardens delight
You are named Tickle-my-fancy
Or Jack-jump-up-and-kiss-me,
But I know you best as garden jester
Colorful, sentimental, passionate
Happy faced and wild
                             ~Jan Maitland~
Garden Emojis - Pastel Painting
by Jan Maitland




It was in a dear friend's garden when I spotted the subject of this painting and poem. Everything was in bloom, so lush and full. Zeroing in on the pansy only made me think of faces of friends and family we are missing and not able to see during this challenging time. I'm thinking of you, and hope you are finding little moments for peace, laughter, and joy.

Thank you so very much for your comments and your appreciation of my work. It's a time for reflection and connection.

Stay safe, stay well,



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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Jan,
    Love both the picture and the poem!
    I’ve always seen little faces in pansies 😀Probably my favorite flower.

    Jean Weiss

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