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Celestial Theater

Celestial Theater
August sky is theater performing showering meteors for view
Cocking necks waiting for the show to begin
Watchful eyes brightly blinking into the night
Maybe a little chant whispering celestial sound effects
Coaxing and pleading to see the most fantastic comet of them all
Always awestruck as one races through the sky
Peripheral flash here, fireball spotted there
Ah, to catch a glimpse of shooting star’s trail
Did one just fall in fields so close?
Night sky so packed with sparkling gems
Wonderment, amazement, realizing once more the vastness of it all

                                         ~Jan Maitland~

                           Photo by Mason Marsh

Lava Glow



Every August we sit on our deck to watch the meteor shower with great enthusiasm and awe. Maybe we see only a few spectacular quick flashes and streaking tails, but the thrill of seeing these wonderful celestial marvels always gives us pause.

"Cosmic Glow" Gilded Meteorite Stone - Tektite


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