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Our concern grows for the missing artist. Le Inspecteur Grignoteur’s bills pile up, due to his large food and beverage expenditures. His photos documenting these become annoying (See pic). Even so, he assures us that he is closing in, “Bientot, tres bientot” he claims. We request some proof. He sends us a photo fleetingly snapped of a woman strongly resembling our artist….except for the color of her hair.

It’s his next photo that finally raises our hopes. “La Maison Doree, a place she would surely be drawn to, n’est-ces pas?” 

He is right. Gold is her medium. Gold is the color of her hair.  She would gravitate to The House of Gold since that is where she feels radiant like the jewelry she wears.  Turquoise Radiance Necklace

The side story above will continue to unfold in my next blog. This is the sixth post in the series. Stay tuned or catch up by visiting blog posts on the home page. If you do have any information that will help us locate the artist, let me know:). For now, though, thank you for your comments and appreciation of my art. We are always delighted to hear from you and to assist you in selecting a gift for that special person in your life or a commissioned piece for yourself.  

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More about "Turquoise Radiance" Necklace - (Tap Photo for link) 

Turquoise is a popular gemstone and is said to bring luck, peace, and protection.

I look forward keeping in touch with you.

Thank you!

The artist in absentia....






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