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  We are elated! Inspecteur Guy      Grignotuer, after an exhausting search, texts us that he has located the missing artist. (As is his wont, he also sent us another irritating photo of him texting us.) We replied immediately. Send us a photo of her in your custody. Shortly after, he did….and we couldn’t help but wonder how close he was keeping her. They both appeared so happy.






 Finally, a photo from what he claimed to be the Charles De Gaulle departure lounge; a relief, if it weren’t for the wine glasses and no planes in the background.  

 Needless worries, it turns out. She is now back and we are celebrating with a fine French wine, compliments of Guy himself.



 Here she is, her bouquet highlighting the fall colors, colors that are reflected in her Amber Glow Necklace.

 After all of this, though, do we dare take another trip abroad? Perhaps our readers have an opinion?



Amber Glow Necklace

More about Amber Glow - Tap Photo

 Amber heightens creativity. It helps you to accept change, and follow your dreams.

The side story above has a happy ending. This is the seventh post in the series. Stay tuned or catch up by visiting blog posts on the home page.

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