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In my last blog I wrote about my love for Sir Edward Elgar’s song cycle, “Sea Pictures”, Op. 37 for contralto solo and orchestra. With love of the sea, I want to share with you another of the enthralling songs in the cycle. If you have a chance, listen to Dame Janet Baker singing “In Haven” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbpMTbUKcVE. This is the second piece in the song cycle, and the poem is by the composer’s wife, Caroline Alice Elgar. This piece transcends love over the natural force of the sea and suggests “together, we can face anything” – love alone will last.

 In Haven – Words by Caroline Alice Elgar

 Closely let me hold thy hand,
Storms are sweeping sea and land;
Love alone will stand.
Closely cling, for waves beat fast,
Foam-flakes cloud the hurrying blast;
Love alone will last.
Kiss my lips, and softly say:
Joy, sea-swept, may fade to-day;
Love alone will stay.

 Lava Glow



Photo by Ivan Zhou from Burst


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  • Love the seascape… the lyrics are soulfully beautiful..

    Karen Randolph.

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