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Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope
We heard choral voices on Zoom today
Glorious tones from round the world
This a time where choruses refrain
But music must not halt or be restrained
Music plays on from little boxes
Heads confident to reassure
Polyphony, harmonies, madrigals, song
All to demonstrate that life goes on
Improvisation for a short time to love
Creatively brings memory, desire,
Innovations and dreams
 Hope for tomorrow
                                ~Jan Maitland~

Lava Glow




During this severe and sad time in our history of the COVID19 pandemic, I have stepped back to take in the beauty of nature, spring offerings, and music – blessings in our lives that we might otherwise take for granted in the best of times. I'm a singer in our local Repertory Singers as well as sing in a church choir, and find these YouTube performances extremely touching. It will be a wonderful day when we all can get back together to sing.

Thank you so very much for your comments and your appreciation. It's a time for reflection, and reconnection. I'm an independent artist, and am truly grateful for your support of my work.

Stay safe, stay well,




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