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The First Hints of Spring

In my part of the world, by mid-February the crocus, daffodils, and vinca start blooming. Even the cherry and plum trees have their first starts, reminiscent of popping corn, maybe even pink popcorn. Everything outside seems more brilliant with the assurance of the warm spring ahead. Ah, the ever inspiring whispers of new life. Now, push your seasonal restart button, you are in control of lighter and brighter, whether it be in fashion, home décor or the jewelry you wear. Maybe plans are in motion for the next garden party, or your niece's wedding coming sooner than you think, and then there’s that benefit dinner for the symphony you just don’t want to miss. Okay, take it all in and watch the garden take a bow.

Lava Glow


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  • Your essay and photos of artistic Spring shades of blue pops us into the season.

    Caroline Wilkins

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