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Morning Thunder

Morning Thunder
Early morning rolling tympani
Unusual sound for this valley home
But threatened not
Only distant memories of summers past
Other histories in our hearts
We watch and listen
Expanding clouds hot with light
A flash may be seen, or maybe not
Dogs tremble with the echoed rumble
Soothing hand reassures
As approaching wind and gray come near
We watch and listen
While a wave of droplets quenches earth
This a storm that quickly passes
Another page in nature’s power
How lucky to witness, watch and listen
To all its awesome grandness
                               ~Jan Maitland~                                    


 Photo by Matthew Henry

During this severe and sad time of the COVID19 pandemic, I have stepped back to take in the beauty of nature and spring offerings – blessings in our lives that we might otherwise take for granted in the best of times.

I opened my shop, Lava Glow, in February, 2020, and was given the opportunity to write a blog . . . hence the poetry evolved.  

Thank you so very much for your comments and your appreciation of the simple poetry I have been writing. It is a time for reflection, and reconnection. I am an independent artist, and am truly grateful for your support of my artwork.

Stay safe, stay well,



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  • Again, a beautiful poem! Robert and you obviously from a creative and talented family! Keep writing until you have enough for a book! I’ve only read three!

    Deb Ralph

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