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Daisy turns 14, today
Still puppy-like with energy for play
Here, Daisy . . .
Bonding love came at first sight
She beside me, and I aside with delight
Other pups just romped and played
She chose us, as they do say
Ah, mutual love right away
Here, Daisy . . .
Always happy with personified smile
Always trotting with bounce as her style
Here, Daisy . . .
With brown eyes wide, kind, and dear
An enviable champagne blond, peachier around nose and ear
Here, Daisy . . .
A companion, a good girl, and guard of the house
Ah, here's Daisy. Want a treat, Daisy?
She jumps for joy like a young girl in pigtails
Flopping ears
Bobbing up and down, circling round
It’s her birthday, after all
Just another day, for Daisy to play
                               ~Jan Maitland ~

Lava Glow



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  • Awww, I love you Daisy! Happy Birthday you little sweet potato! ❤️


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