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Connecting to Mother Earth

Standing in Oregon's rugged and soul dazzling high desert, rounded lava stone in my hand, it came to me; combining time immemorial stone with ancient gold leaf would powerfully express the raw, bold elegance, in my jewelry designs. It was one of those moments that I felt my growth as an artist and a gilder of precious metal leaf would take another direction, an inspirational moment that made that change for me. Interestingly, the more I learn about this volcanic stone, the more I am drawn to lava, and mysteriously have realized in its mystical meaning, it has chosen me.

Lava is a calming and grounding stone that gives you strength and courage through change. It can teach the intensity of change leaning toward positive stability. It is the most abundant mineral on the globe and connects us to Mother Earth.

Jan Maitland

Lava Glow Jewelry


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