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Romancing the Ruby - Birthstone of July

 Have you ever found yourself entranced by the deep, luxurious red color of a ruby gemstone? This precious gem boasts a captivating history that transcends various cultures and civilizations. Let's explore some intriguing tales about the ruby gemstone that are sure to leave you marveling at its beauty and significance.

The Gem of Love and Passion

Throughout history, rubies have been closely linked with love and passion. Ancient beliefs held that rubies could ignite the flames of desire in one's heart. This romantic association has made rubies a popular choice for engagement rings and tokens of affection.

The Rare Beauty of Burmese Rubies

Among the world's most coveted rubies are those originating from Myanmar, previously known as Burma. Burmese rubies are celebrated for their vivid red hue and exceptional clarity. These gems are so scarce and precious that they often fetch higher prices than diamonds of comparable size.

The Ruby in Ancient Legends

In ancient Hindu traditions, rubies were believed to safeguard the wearer from malevolent forces and attract good fortune. In Greek mythology, rubies were linked to the blood of the gods and were thought to possess protective qualities. These age-old beliefs have contributed to the enduring allure of the ruby gemstone. Warriors have worn rubies into battle for their perceived attributes of protection, valor, and fortitude. It was believed that carrying rubies into battle would ensure victory, much like how the ruby slippers shielded Dorothy from evil forces in "The Wizard of Oz."

The Star Ruby: A Celestial Marvel

One of the most exceptional variants of ruby is the star ruby, which showcases a captivating phenomenon called asterism. When fashioned in a cabochon, star rubies reveal a dazzling six-rayed star that appears to shimmer and glide across the gem's surface. This mesmerizing optical effect is created by needle-like inclusions within the ruby.

The ruby gemstone is not merely a stunning embellishment but a symbol of love, passion, and protection with a rich tapestry of history and folklore. Whether you are drawn to its fiery red hue or its mystical attributes, the ruby is undoubtedly a gemstone worth cherishing.

Rubies serve as the birthstone for the month of July, symbolizing the passion and vitality often associated with the sun-kissed summer month. Wearing a ruby is believed to bring good fortune and protection to those born in July.


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  • Gorgeous incarnation of the ruby in your beautifully talented hands! Fascinating history!

    robert maitland

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